The collection made for the Dutch Sustainable Fashionweek ’19 was inspired by the way indigenous people make their clothes using materials found in their own environment.

To translate this to our western culture, Sharita used plastic waste, dead-stock and old clothes. By transforming these raw materials into something new, she wants to show you that there is beauty in what is waste for others.

"NOT MADE ON MARS" is a concept about the origin of our clothing. With this project Sharita wants to create awareness around the fact that our clothes are made by humans and that it takes a lot of time, people and resources to design one simple garment.

In a way this collection is a form of activism to her and if she can only make one person think about the journey their clothes made before they ended up in their closet, it will be a success.

A project sponsored by EE labels. Special thanks to the Knitwear Lab & David van Dartel.

Sharita is a fashion design graduate from the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (class of 2018). Her work is about creating awareness. She views her collections as tools to make statements about the current fashion industry. The idea behind these statements is to motivate consumers to think, buy and live more sustainably.

Next to that she also loves to illustrate, which she used to do a lot as a kid. But she got distracted by life and rediscovered her love for illustrating during her time at art school. To see her illustrations go check out her Instagram @sharitakarsten.